Javascript SEO, Solved

Get higher rankings by serving crawlers a static HTML version of your Javascript website, without compromising your customers’ experience.

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Scraper API

Proxy API for Web Scraping

Scraper API handles proxies, browsers, and CAPTCHAs, so you can get the HTML from any web page with a simple API call!

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What does do?

Search engines and social networks are always trying to crawl your pages, but they only see the javascript tags...

What does do

We render your javascript in a browser, save the static HTML, and you return that to the crawlers!

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What does Scraper API do?

Simply send Scraper API the URL you want to scrape and we will return the HTML response. Letting you focus on the data, not proxies

What does Scraper API do

Easily scrape any site with JS rendering, geotargeting or residential proxies.

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